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    My Friend Rag Doll was created by Donna Kopf as a way to provide a source of comfort to children who are going through difficult times. Whether it’s going through a round of chemotherapy, a broken leg or finding themselves in situations without basic comforts, these situations can be scary. Sometimes having a friend to hold onto during those trying times can make all the difference and Donna has helped hundreds of children by donating My Friend Rag Dolls to local hospitals, charities and other organizations centered around supporting and helping children. This website was created as a way to help give others the ability to donate dolls to support children. 

  • How to Donate a Doll

    Our goal is to donate dolls to comfort children in need, to put a smile on their faces, to brighten their day. You can help by joining me and sending dolls too.
  • You Can Order One or More Dolls to be Donated in Your Name or in Memory of a Loved One


    Or You Can Order a Doll for Yourself or as a Gift



    Donate a Doll
  • 1-5 Dolls

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    $15.99 per Doll

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  • 6-11 Dolls

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    $14.50 per Doll

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  • 12+ Dolls

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    $12.50 per Doll

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  • You can also order a doll for yourself or as a gift
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to order online?

    Yes, it is very safe because we use PayPal for all transactions online. PayPal is the global leader in online payments processing and is an industry leader when it comes to security.

    Can I choose which design I get?

    This is something we are hoping to be able to do in the future as we continue to grow. Right now, we are continually trying out new and fun designs and patterns. This, combined with the fact that we sometimes receive requests for large amounts of My Friend Rag Dolls from large institutions such as hospitals and charities, we are unable to guarantee that we will have particular fabric, pattern or color in stock. All of our patterns and designs are kid friendly and you can be sure that any My Friend Rag Doll will be a welcome addition to a child’s world.

    How do I know the My Friend Rag Dolls will be donated?

    We address this in two different ways. First, we are very active on social media such as Facebook and publicly list every hospital, organization and charity we donate our dolls to. Not only are we friend with these organizations through social media, but we also publicly post every time a donation is made (even anonymous ones) and to which organization the doll were donated, so the numbers always add up. For example, if you order 10 My Friend Rag Dolls, you will see that we announce on our website and on Facebook that 10 My Friend Rag Dolls were donated to a specific organization and if that organization does not receive at least 10 My Friend Rag Dolls, then they would know that the proper number of dolls have not been donated. Secondly, we keep all of the contact information of the institutions we donate dolls to here on our website for your reference. Please feel free to contact them to verify that we donate dolls to them.

    Can I select the gender of my My Friend Rag Doll?

    Yes! You can choose whether you would like to receive a boy or girl My Friend Rag Doll during the order process.

  • What organizations do you donate to?

    We currently have donated dolls to the following locations: Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Albany Medical Center Pediatric Wing in Albany, NY, Vasaar Hospital Pediatric Ward, Ronald McDonald House in Albany, NY, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center, Orange Regional Hospital in Orange County, NY, the Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA and the Montefiore Children’s Hospital in Bronx, NY.

    What are My Friend Rag Dolls made of?

    My Friend Rag Dolls are made from 100% cotton flannel and are stuffed with non-allergenic polyfil. They are machine washable/delicate cycle and tumble dry.

    Can I choose which organization to donate to?

    This is also something that we are hoping to be able to offer in the future. Right now, we donate to whichever organizations or institutions express an interest in receiving My Friend Rag Dolls. One potential issue with having people choose the organization, is that the organization may not currently have a demand for more My Friend Rag Dolls while another organization which was not chosen has a significant demand for them.

  • MFRD Love

  • Words of Love from Happy

    My Friend Rag Doll Recipients

    • Donna’s My Friend Rag Dolls are a true asset to our programming. I use them to help desensitize different hospital equipment so that they will feel less fearful. Children love that they get to take care of them and snuggle them during procedures.

      Michelle Ferguson
      Child Life Specialist
      Orange Regional Medical Center
    • Your generosity and thoughtfulness will help make a difference in the lives of the children we serve and further our mission in providing quality orthopedic care regardless of the patient or patient’s family’s ability to pay. By working together we can truly build a better tomorrow for kids.

      Mario Salvati
      Director of Financial Services
      Shriners Hospitals for Children


    We would like to thank you for your kindness and support in helping to give My Friend Rag Dolls to children to love and hug. We hope that every child who receives our dolls shares many days of smiles and many nights of snuggles.

    – From our heart to yours


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      PO Box 6836
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      Phone: 1-518-669-7641

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